Active Holidays and Prevention holidays


As the name implies, it is about holidays or a travel in the sense of prevention of your health. As further understood, it includes any physical activity during a vacation or a trip. However, always with focus on the individual health. For these reasons prevention holidays can be also called active- or health holidays. Lesano offers the corresponding courses and if you want, cares about your accommodation and food, too.

Being active, experiencing nature up close and getting to know the local landscape –  all this you will have with prevention holidays with lesano on Fuerteventura.

Physical activity outdoor can have a stimulatory effect on you and your body. Especially the personal atmosphere of small groups of up to ten participants makes this possible.The quality of the courses is guaranteed by the certification and training of the instructor.

Thus a prevention or health holiday with lesano can create a base for you physical activity at home or just take you out of every day life for a few days. Additionally there is plenty of local culture to discover and enjoy.

So… on to the booking