Guided Walking tours with WomenFairTravel


Womenfairtravel is a small, very nice travel company from and in Berlin. Under the slogan “Traveling for Women with Vision”, WomenFairTravel offers over 150 sensual, ecological and fair trips for women. In small groups of a maximum 14 participants, more than 1000 customers explore different destinations every year, near and far. From singing on the Elbe to trekking in the Albanian Alps, to a women’s journey along the Uzbekian Silk Road.

The tours are led by women-friendly and, whenever possible local insiders. These lead the groups to magical places off the beaten track and enable unique coming together with local women and entrepreneurs.

Very important within all the organized tours is the experience away from mass tourism, the involvement of small women-owned companies or “single women” and a fair remuneration of all, as well as authentic meetings with local women. In India, for example, WomenFairTravel cooperates with the founder of the organization Eccosphere, which has set up an ecological and inclusive tourism structure in the outlying Spiti region, near the border to Tibet and was honored for her (women’s) work at ITB 2017 with the ” IIPTI Global Awards, Celebrating Her “.

Lesano has organized a trip to Fuerteventura with Womenfairtravel. Contents are:

  • Walking (5 days a week)
  • different hiking tours (volcano in Lajares, dunes of corralejo as well as a hike on the beautiful island of lobos)
  • a beautiful hotel in cotillo by the ocean (
  • and of course delicious local specialties.


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