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    Booking conditions


    To participate in the courses it is required to be able to perform normal every day movements such as walking, bending or lifting without serious limitations or pain. Furthermore, for reasons of physical rest, a break is maintained within the four course days. The courses therefore take place on two consecutive days with one day break.

    (day 1 and 2: course, day 3: break, day 4 and 5: course)

    The courses of the special weeks are described in detail in the respective offer.

    Cash subsidy

    The amount of the cash grant depends on the respective health insurance company if you are insured in Germany. More information here.


    To confirm the booking for the prevention courses, we ask you to deposit 50% of the total price per person. The corresponding amount will be transferred to the account of Lesano within 5 working days. The health coaching will be charged and paid according to the service.

    Payment can be made either by bank transfer or by Paypal (3.5% fee with Paypal).


    The booking of the prevention courses or a special week can be cancelled. Health coachings can also be cancelled. Please contact Lesano directly via email to

    In case of cancellation or rescission:


    Prevention courses:

    50% of the deposit will be refunded in case of cancellation up to 30 days before the start of the course.

    In case of cancellation less than 30 days before the scheduled date of your course, the deposit will not be refunded.


    Health coaching:

    Health coachings will not be charged if the cancellation is made 7 days in advance. Otherwise the full price will be charged. Appointments must be agreed 4 days in advance otherwise the full price will be charged. For an appointment change please email to

    With the beginning of the first day of the prevention courses, no money can be refunded. In case of non-participation due to an injury or similar, a corresponding form can be issued upon request, which can be used for the respective travel insurance.

    Thanks a lot for your understanding!

    The terms and conditions of Lesano you find here.