Health coaching on Fuerteventura – online or on site

You can either make use of the health coaching online, in addition to booking the prevention courses on the island, or simply during your holiday on Fuerteventura.


What is health coaching actually?

Health is a far-reaching term and accompanies us nearly every day, not least through media. But above all the perception of health is subjective and evaluated individually. One thing in common, however, is the exclusion of illnesses, both physically and mentally.

Well-known diseases are for example cardiovascular and metabolic problems or mental impairment such as stress or depression. Not least, demands and strain of every day life in work and society can be the cause of such a disease. Results are physical and emotional exhaustion syndromes that can negatively affect life in general.

The goal of long-term and sustainable health as well as physical and mental well-being, can be achieved by adequate exercise, balanced nutrition, less negative stress in private and working life, more composure and responsible use of addictive substances. Hence we reduce the risk factors and strengthen our resources. By accomplishing that, we favor the length and above all, the quality of our lives. Health coaching deals with live and working conditions that are highlighted and transformed in terms of health effects.

Health implies freedom.


But as nice as it sounds, the realization is not that easy sometimes. Often it´s long standing habits and patterns that negate our drive to live a constant healthy lifestyle. So how do we manage to live a healthier live?Often a small impulse from outside is enough to arouse the flame of motivation.

At this point, the health coach can help you to help yourself. In personal dialogues (face-to-face, phone calls, Skype or mail) the individual health goal is determined, the current health situation and risk factors are analyzed and resources will be mobilized. Whether you’re feeling a little bit down, you want to finally solve an old pattern or you have reached a dead end in your life, the coach will help you to find a way. Possible targets are optimizing nutrition, building up fitness or preventing stress and burnout.

The health coach will support you achieving your health goals and will give room to grow; online, on site or wherever you are at that moment.

Kathrin Lesano