The most beautiful accommodations in northern Fuerteventura – find the suitable for you

Lesano has good contacts to beautiful houses, villas and apartments for every taste and budget. We are happy to connect or find the right accommodation for you. There are beautiful apartment houses for one, two or more persons. In addition, there are larger, spacious villas, if you would like something more luxurious or bring a large group.

If you prefer to stay in a hotel, you will find some beautiful options in El Cotillo, Corralejo or Villaverde. Again, we are happy to help with search and selection.

The places suggested below are all in northern Fuerteventura, within the municipality of La Oliva.



The village of Lajares is located in the heart of the north of Fuerteventura. It´s not only locals who live there, but people from all over the world as well as long-term tourist who have their second residence in Lajares. Also short-time vacation visitors find a quiet place to relax here. “Calle principal”, the main street of Lajares offers bars and restaurants, nice cafés and shops for shoes, clothes or accessories. The unique flair inspires travelers and surfers from all over the world.

El Cotillo

El Cotillo is located on the northwest coast of Fuerteventura. From here, the endless beaches of the west coast can be reached easily. The charming little town also offers culinary delights in restaurants and bars right on the coast. Here you can enjoy the spectacular sunset with a glass of wine. In addition, El Cotillo is a popular destination for many surfers. In the winter time you can usually see very high waves in Cotillo.


The town of Corralejo is located on the northeast coast of Fuerteventura. From there you can visit Lanzarote and the small island of Lobos, which is situated very close to Fuerteventura; or simply enjoy the view of it.With beaches close to the city and also within Corralejo, bathing enthusiasts are not forgotten. Many small bars and restaurants line the promenade. Only a few kilometers away, you can go for a walk in the unique dunes of Fuerteventura, the desert of Europe.


In the small village of Villaverde you find yourself having a drink or food amongst native Majoreros in cute little pubs. The houses made of volcanic stone give the place its special charm. The higher location of the village brings more rain to the inhabitants than in other regions, “villa verde” means the green city. Tourists come here to visit the oldest cave in Fuerteventura.



If you just want to relax during your holiday and enjoy the luxury of not having to worry about anything, Fuerteventura has a wide selection of hotels. The largest variety and choices you have in Corralejo with beautiful seaview and the island of Lobos. In Villaverde you are more rural, which makes the charm of the rustic-looking hotel Mahoh. They also run a very good restaurant, which is also popular for locals. In Cotillo there is the choice between the Cotillo Beach Hotel and the very charming and more private Hotel Laif, both only two minutes walk from the ocean. The beautiful lagoons of Cotillo are only five minutes away.


North of Fuerteventura

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