Getting there – how do you actually get to Fuerteventura?


Canary Islands

Fuerteventura is an island of the Canarian archipelago. The Canary Islands belong to Spain, but are located at the same height as Morocco.

Unfortunately, the options of transport are limited. Those who are adventurous and have a lot of time can, of course, drive their own vehicle through France and Spain and take the ferry from Huelva. Only the boat takes about 32 hours. So if you would count all the hours that you spend on the road or the ferry, it will take you at least three and a half day. It is for sure doable, and for someone who plans to stay on the Canary Islands for a while, it´s definitely worth the trip.

The easiest for sure is to fly in. Depending which time of the year, there can be cheap flights from the UK, Holland, Denmark, Italy or Spain mainland. So, book your ticket and come over!

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