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The prevention courses of Lesano are certified for the subsidization of german health insurances according to the german § 20 SGB V. They were awarded the “German Standard Prevention” seal by the Central Testing Office for Prevention (ZPP).

Lesano directly can not tell you the appropriate amount of the subsidy from the respective health insurance. Mostly between € 130 and € 150 per insured person per year. A list of participating health insurance companies can be found on this page below.

Please note that the subsidy can only be granted with a minimum of 80% participation in the courses.

The total amount of the course price is to be paid to Lesano at first. After attending the courses, you will receive a document that you can submit to the health insurance. This document confirms your participation in a certified prevention course. The health insurance will then pay you to contribute to prevention.

German health insurance list


If your health insurance company is not listed here, ask them directly or get more information at

Central Testing office for prevention.

Here you will always find the latest information.

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