Fuerteventura is the second biggest island of the canaries and is situated aprox. 120 km west of the Moroccan coastline, nevertheless it´s part of Spain. Fuerteventura developed from volcanic origin about 20,5 million years ago. The island´s special charm presents itself for example in the beautiful volcanic landscape, endless beaches and turquoise waters.

Especially the north with breathtaking landscape, offers a unique platform for activities on land or water. The yearlong mild climate makes a holiday with springlike temperatures possible, even in winter.

From above the unique scenery of Fuerteventura remind of a moonscape; reddish-brown soil, volcanos and except for palm trees and aloe vera plantations comparatively little vegetation. Thats mainly because of the little rainfall of the island. But that´s exactly what makes Fuerteventura so special: the unirritating landscape with it´s seemingly endless vision. Here you can relax perfectly and free your mind of any every day stress.

But don´t assume that there´s no life in Fuerteventura´s nature, thats definitely not the case. The local flora and fauna is diverse, unique and surprisingly beautiful! Especially the lower temperatures and some rain in winter make the impressing flora unfold – the island will be green.

Characteristic are furthermore the endless, dreamlike beaches with white sand and turquoise-blue waters. The yearlong mild climate and pleasant water temperatures make a nice bath in the ocean even possible in winter.

Moreover, in th north of the the island there´s the Parque Natural situated, a desert or dune landscape, which is under nature conservation.