In times when so called lifestyle diseases are more and more common in society, it is very important to oppose them with energy and vitality. That includes all of us, no matter if you´re young, old, healthy or sick! In context with this, exercise plays a fundamental role. For example already half an hour of walking daily lowers the risk of cancer and cardiac infarction. Besides, exercise in the sense of physical activity is way to get to know yourself better.

Obviously the best is to combine physical activity and being out in nature, and even better if you just have to step out your front door. Movement and exercise in nature give us the possibility to build up a connection to it and also to maintain it. This bond can strongly influence and affect the relationship with ourselves and our body in a positive way.

The concept of Lesano with prevention courses and activities as part of the prevention holidays, wants to help people to create and stabilize a good and solid base for an individual holistic healthy life. It´s all about feeling good with yourself and your body in daily life. In addition, the recreational aspect, that a trip to the beautiful island of Fuerteventura brings with it, is of course not to be neglected.

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