Terms and conditions for the prevention offer at Lesano

With your travel or course registration you acknowledge for yourself and those you have registered with the travel conditions, as their representative to Lesano (in the following: “Lesano” / “we” / “us”). Lesano acts as organizer for all course programs with own arrival as well as the execution of the health coaching.


1 Booking/ Registration/ Payment

Bookings can be made by e-mail, online booking form, whatsapp or phone call. The booking becomes effective only when the amount of the deposit has been received by Lesano. The amount can be transferred by bank transfer to Lesano’s account or via Paypal (+3.5% fee). After receipt of the money we confirm the booking with a booking confirmation and any other information about the trip.

The information on our website does not constitute binding offers, but an invitation to you to make us a binding offer to conclude a travel contract by registering. Your offer is binding upon the transmission of the registration data plus the deposit payment to Lesano. The acceptance of your contract offer by Lesano takes place by transmission of a travel confirmation by email by Lesano. If this content deviates from your offer, it will be agreed to a new offer. In this case, a contract is only concluded if you accept this offer within the period of commitment to Lesano. The acceptance can also be made by making a payment.

A correction of errors due to obvious printing or calculation errors Lesano reserved until the start of travel. The scope of the contractually owed services results from the service descriptions on the website and from the information in the travel confirmation referring to this.

The respective amount of our booked service, after receipt of the travel confirmation / invoice is to be payed within 5 working days after the confirmation email by Lesano. Please make all payments indicating the booking / invoice number only to:

Kathrin Adrion

IBAN: ES55 2100 4505 4822 0010 1846



2 Rescission (cancellation) and cancellation fees

You can withdraw (cancel) the prevention courses or health coaching at any time prior to departure. Cancellation fees also arise if you are not at fault (such as illness). It is up to you to provide proof that costs have been incurred in connection with the withdrawal. We recommend in your own interest the conclusion of a travel cancellation insurance. In case of cancellation or rescission:

Prevention courses: 50% of the deposit will be refunded in case of cancellation up to 30 days before the start of the course. In the case of a cancellation less than 30 days before the scheduled start date, the deposit will not be refunded. After the beginning of the first day of the prevention courses, no money can be refunded. In case of non-participation due to an injury or similar, a non-participation form may be issued upon request, which may be used for the respective travel insurance.

The resignation date is then the receipt of your information of resignation at Lesano. Until the start of the journey, you are entitled to place a replacement person for a fee of € 20.00, who will take part in the courses in your place. The substitute must explain to Lesano the assumption of the holiday and enter into the rights and obligations of the travel contract. A request for the transfer of the travel date is to be submitted by written declaration up to 45 days before departure. In case of confirmation of the transfer by Lesano a fee of 20,00 € per traveler will be charged.

Health coaching: Health coaching will not be charged if the cancellation is made up to 7 days in advance. Otherwise the full price will be charged. Appointments must be agreed up to 4 days in advance otherwise the full price will be charged. For an appointment change please email to info@lesano.es.

If the cancellation is due to medical reasons, accidents or illness, Lesano may issue a confirmation of non-participation in the prevention course and an invoice to be submitted to the health or travel insurance. In such a case, we also recommend a certificate issued by a doctor.

3 Resignation by the organizer / termination

Lesano can without notice, if you disrupt the execution of the trip persistent despite warning or behave in breach of contract to such an extent that the immediate cancellation of the contract is justified, withdraw from the travel contract or terminate the travel contract after the trip begins. If Lesano terminates, the entitlement to the travel price remains. However, Lesano must be credited with the value of the expenses saved and any benefits derived from any other use of the unused service, including any reimbursement from other service providers. Lesano can withdraw from the contract if a minimum number of participants is not reached, if the minimum number of participants has been stated in the respective terms of reference, the time has been specified by which the cancellation must be received at the latest, the minimum number of participants and the latest withdrawal period is stated in the travel confirmation the corresponding information in the specification is referenced. The resignation is to be explained to you no later than the 15th day before departure. If the trip is cancelled for these reasons, you will receive back the possibly paid in own contribution immediately. Further recourse claims are excluded.

4 Force majeure

If the execution of the trip as a result of unforeseeable force majeure (eg flooding, earthquake) is considerably impeded, endangered or impaired, then we and you are also entitled to withdraw from the travel contract or to terminate it upon commencement of the journey.

In the event of force majeure on the part of Lesano to cancel individual courses due to weather conditions (eg storms or prolonged rain showers), the failures will be attempted to be made up during the stay as far as capacity is available. Due to unacceptable weather conditions, no refunds of the amount can be made.

5 Subsidy scheme – settlement of the health insurance share

Our services are non-residential prevention offers according to german § 20 SGB V with external accommodation. It is your own responsibility to check with your health insurance company in advance about the subsidy schemes that have been implemented and to obtain the corresponding commitments for the reimbursement of the preventive services. A guarantee or liability for the granting of a subsidy by the health insurance to you, is expressly not accepted by Lesano. It is only possible to hand over a certificate of attendance or billing of the health insurance fund if you have taken part in at least 80% of the booked courses and if any claim to preventive subsidies for the respective calendar year has not yet been used against the health insurance fund.

Privacy Policy

The participant agrees that personal data will be processed and used within the work process of the Lesano programs, if this is necessary for the implementation and evaluation of the programs. At the same time, the participant can be informed about new offers and regular refresher courses or advanced courses of the course offers.

By registering for our services, each participant accepts that all images made during the courses or other activities during the holiday can be used by Lesano for free in all media for promotional or marketing purposes (brochures, flyers, internet, …).

All contact information is contained in the file property Lesano. You can exercise your right of access, rectification, cancellation and / or opposition by sending an e-mail to info@lesano.es at any time and enclose a copy of your identity card / passport.

Lesano respects the privacy of all users of the site and ensures that your personal information is treated confidentially and with care.

You accept that your details (full name, telephone number, accommodation, address, identity card, e-mail) can be used to plan your stay well and be shared with partners if you have booked other services such as accommodation or additional activities.

Cookies: You are advised that our website uses cookies. Any user can disable this option in their Internet settings.

More info here https://lesano.es/en/legalnotice/


7 Services / individual additional services

For the scope and nature of the services, only the descriptions, illustrations and prices in the online descriptions at www.lesano.es apply for the relevant travel period. Brochures of other tour operators, hotel brochures, etc. therefore do not justify a claim on us. Special requests, special conditions, etc. are only binding for Lesano if they are expressly confirmed by Lesano. Providers of accommodation or other organizers of preventive services are not entitled to make any further benefit commitments on behalf of Lesano.

8 Performance and price changes

If the trip can not be implemented as a result of a circumstance that occurred after the conclusion of the contract and is not brought about faithfully by Lesano, Lesano is entitled to change travel services, provided that the deviation from the originally booked service is objectively not material for you is reasonable and does not affect the overall layout of the booked trip. We reserve the right to charge the advertised prices confirmed at the time of booking in case of increase of charges for certain services, such as: port or airport charges, or a change in the exchange rates applicable to the trip in question, to the extent that their increase per person affects the travel price, provided that the journey starts more than four months after the conclusion of the contract. If these price changes exceed 5% of the travel price, you are entitled to withdraw from the contract free of charge. The resignation must be declared immediately after the price change notification by Lesano. Lesano will inform you immediately about any necessary price increases. Price increases from the 20th day before departure are not allowed.

9 Liability

Lesano does not take liability for damage to the extent that damage to the traveler is not caused intentionally or grossly negligently by Lesano or b) as far as we are responsible for the damage incurred by the traveler solely because of a fault of a service provider. Moreover, Lesano assumes no liability for bodily injury. For all directed against the organizer claims for damages from tort, which are not based on intent or gross negligence, the organizer is not liable for property damage. In this context, you are recommended in your own interest to take out travel accident and baggage insurance. We are not liable for any performance disturbances in connection with services that are provided as external services (for example, other sports events, excursions, etc.) and which are expressly indicated in the travel advertisement as a third party service. The participants take part in the courses offered by Lesano at their own risk.


10 Contraindications

The courses offered by Lesano are aimed exclusively at healthy and vital people. If in doubt, consult your doctor. He will advise you to what extent the courses offered are suitable for you. Any pre-existing conditions or physical limitations / disabilities are to be reported to the course instructor on site at the latest before the beginning of the course in order to be able to take these into account as far as possible.


11 Exclusion of claims and statute of limitations

Claims under german §§ 651c to f BGB must be asserted against Lesano within two months after the contractual termination of the booked service. Subsequent claims can only be considered if the traveler was prevented from meeting the deadline without fault. Claims under german §§ 651c to f BGB arising from injury to life, limb or health, which are based on intentional or negligent breach of duty by Lesano or one of its legal representatives or vicarious agents, become time-barred after two years. This also applies to claims for compensation for other damages that are based on an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by Lesano or one of its legal representatives or vicarious agents. All other claims expire in one year. The statute of limitations begins on the day following the date of the contractual end of the journey. If you have made such claims, the limitation period is suspended until the date on which Lesano rejects the claims in writing.


12 Obligation to cooperate / termination by the traveler

You are obliged to cooperate in the event of any disruption of performance within the scope of the statutory provisions in order to contribute to correcting the disruption and to minimize any damage that may occur. All complaints must be reported to Lesano immediately. Before terminating the contract, you are required to give Lesano a reasonable period for remedial action. Please keep in mind that on-site service providers occasionally have a personal interest in not informing us about possible service disruptions. The presentation of a notice of defects in the accommodation therefore expressly does not replace the timely notice of defects at Lesano.

13 Others

The accommodation can be booked by the traveler himself. In this case, Lesano assumes no responsibility for any changes or other incidents related to the accommodation. If the accommodation is booked by Lesano, Lesano reserves the right to adjust the price according to the workload. In this case, any complaints that may occur may be reported to Lesano. Lesano is not obliged to contribute effectively to the solution of the problem.

Our website www.lesano.es contains links to other websites. Lesano can not be held responsible for the privacy of other websites.

14 Ineffective clauses, jurisdiction

Should one or more regulations of these terms and conditions be ineffective, this does not entail the invalidity of the entire contract. Invalid and / or unenforceable provisions shall be mutually agreed upon by such provisions, which are possible taking into account both our interests and the common desired economic purpose with a legally effective design. The same applies to gaps in the contract if they turn out to be. If you are a merchant, a legal entity under public law or a special fund under public law, the exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising directly or indirectly from the contractual relationship is the registered office of Lesano. The same applies if you do not have a general place of jurisdiction in Germany, you have relocated after the conclusion of the contract your domicile or habitual residence abroad or this is unknown at the time the action is brought.

15 Information on online dispute resolution

Under current law, we are required to alert consumers to the existence of the European Online Dispute Resolution Platform, which can be used to settle disputes without the need to bring a court to court. The platform is set up by the European Commission. You can find the European online dispute resolution platform here: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/ .


When you book with Lesano, you confirm that you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions of Lesano for yourself and your fellow travelers for whom you accept the booking.